Three already detained persons killed in fake ‘Encounter’ by security forces in Balochistan

A news appeared in a Pakistani news channel on August 6th 2016. TV host shown a footage of Home Minister Balochistan’s two days back (4th of August’s) press briefing, saying that Security forces have arrested six ‘terrorists’ who have confessed their affiliation with ‘Terrorist groups’ operating in Balochistan.

Click for The Footage.

In the same show, the news channel presented the alleged terrorists, who introduced themselves as members of armed groups and claimed that they organized bomb blasts in Quetta.

Here is link for Confessions footage.


And then, on 9th of September, another news emerged on Pakistani media;
“Three terrorists killed in an encounter with Police in Quetta.”


According to details, Pakistani police claimed to have killed three ‘terrorists’ affiliated with a banned outfit in an
encounter took place at Quetta’s Kechi Baig Road. Their bodies were brought to the Civil Hospital Quetta. The deceased were identified through chits found in their pockets mentioning their names as Abdul Bari son of Rasool Bakhsh Nichari, Javed s/o Abdul Salam Bangulzai and Ijaz Ahmad s/o Rahim Baksh Nichari.
According to the details we have received all three claimed ‘terrorists’ killed in ‘encounter’ are the same persons, who, according to Home Minister of Balochistan and the Media, were arrested by security forces in August and were in custody. Of forces. These are not the only ‘encounters’ surfaced in which the already In-Custody persons are killed in Balochistan. There are several cases in a month. Some of those are reported already.

But nothing had been effecting to reduce the human rights violations in Balochishan.

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