Seven abducted in first day of military operation in Kolwah Balochistan on CPEC route

samir nasir

Samir Nasir

The Military Operation which started early in the Monday  morning, August 1st, 2016 in Kolwah, Balochistan, left so many people missing on its first day. Operation started early in the morning in ‘Hamid Bazar, Segek, Balor, Kadd e hotel, Azum Bazar’ and forces kept spreading till Hoshab area of District Kech.

The area is partly connected to the route of China Pakistan Economic Corridor and the villagers have been resisting the evacuation of their homes for a long time.

The abduction of seven persons has been confirmed so far, which may increase later as the communication networks are still not operating properly and most of the people live in mountainous areas in group of 5 to 10 huts in a settlement which are not connected with any electricity and communication.

The victims of Enforced Disappearance on the first day are as under:

  1. Nematullah Mahmood Khan, 28 years old medical dispenser.
  2. Aziz  Arzi, 48 years old laborer
  3. Alam  Aziz, 25 years old laborer
  4. Hasil  Gwahram
  5. Akhtar Saidq
  6. Samir Nasir
  7. Maro

As Balochistan is not visited by any media group, the Military has a free hand to do what they aim to do. Shelling on the villages, burning houses and killing innocent civilians have become a routine, according to the reports emerging time to time.




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