Mother and babies abducted in Balochistan by security forces for the ‘crime’ they haven’t been a part of


Darwar, a three months old abductee

Finally in the early morning of Monday, on 12th of September 2016, security forces picked up a 22 year old mother with two daughters, one three years old, while the other a three months old baby, on the 7th day of siege of a house in Turbat Balochistan. Siege was started on 6th of September 2016.
The ‘crime’ guessed is, the lady is the wife and kids are daughters of  a local leader of a banned nationalist militant group.
“The wife and kids have nothing to do with the activities of the man of house and it’s a violation of Human Rights”, said Ghani Parwaz, the Coordinator of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan’s Turbat Mekran Task Force.



Gulsor, a three years old abductee

“We have talked to all the local authorities of security forces here, be it Police, local administration or the ‘Beyond-the-Law’ security forces. But none of them is obliged to respect the Country’s own law, when it is about the situation of Balochistan”, said Mr. Parwaz, adding “we know what authority a woman has over the men of the house here in Balochistan, specially. If the security forces have some clash with the man, they shall approach the man, not the family and kids.”
Human Rights Council of Balochistan had been reporting the updates to all the Human Rights Organizations with all the specific details of the siege and hostages during the continued siege. All the details had been sent by mails to the official accounts. But unfortunately no words were heard from them.
People of Balochistan are being left with no options. We know there is a conflict, but Human Rights shall be respected by all the parties of conflict beyond anything else.
Situation is handled with intense use of force, in which people between 15 and 40 years of age are forced to flee the country, or hide in the mountains. If a man is not at home, mainly because of fear of abduction, kill and dump policy of the forces, it’s considered that he might be in mountains. And the rest of family is tortured to bring him back.


Villages are burnt during the military operations. There are reports of Shelling by Gunship helicopters in the mountainous villages in Balochistan. Anyone who raise a voice on such Human Rights violations will be dealt with force by security forces. We have witnessed the security forces burnt houses of the HR activists whenever they raise a voice.
Main issue is, it is a ‘Media Black hole’ in Balochistan. International media and the human rights organizations won’t have any reach in Balochistan, as government won’t allow them to visit. In results, more and more people are getting killed. We have seen that the educated youth is being killed by security forces in fake ‘encounters’ and mostly killed and dumped on road sides after some time of their abduction by security forces.
Even though picking up the family members of political activists, and ladies and kids by security forces is not a new phenomenon in Balochistan, but it is reaching the highest levels day by day as the international media and HR organizations are not playing their part to stop security forces from such evil acts.


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