Military killed, abducted ladies and many others in Balochistan

Dozens of family members of a Baloch nationalist leader Dr. Allah Nizar have been abducted during military operations in Mashkay district Awaran. Dr. Nizar is believed to be the head of Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), an armed organization struggling for Balochistan self-determination.

According to details received on 6 December 2017, Pakistani security forces started military operation on 1st December 2017, in Mashkay area of District Awaran, Balochistan.

During the military operation forces Abducted Dr.Allah Nizar’s sister, Bibi Noor Khaton from Raghai area of Besima and his two cousins, Sahib Dad and Khair Baksh from Mashkay.

Later, on the same day, Khair Bakhsh s/o Ali Dost was killed in the custody and his body was dumped by forces.

Also, Araz Mohammad’s 16 years old daughter, his son Ghos Bakhsh, Malik Jan, wife of Ghos Bakhsh, Abdul Ghani s/o Badal and Babul s/o Eido were killed when the military’s helicopters started shelling in Gajjali village of Mashkay, district Awaran Balochistan.

Other than that, abduction of 26 women, 12 children and many elderly people have also been reported. So far, only one has been identified as; Sofi Dad Karim s/o Mohammad Alim.

The area is still under military siege and the operation is still continued in different areas of Mashkay district Awaran, Balochistan.

Majeed Pazir, resident of Kuchag, Buleda district Kech was abducted by forces in front of a military camp near Mirani Dam in Dasht district Kech, Balochistan.

On 05th December 2017, during a military operation in Panjgur, Balochistan, security forces abducted two civilians from Karke-e-Dal area of Gichk, district Panjgur, Balochistan.

The abductees are identified as, Abdul Rahman Dawod and Khalil Zabad, residents of Kunari, Gichk, district Panjgur, Balochistan.

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