Military abduct eleven civilians from Balochistan

On 26th November 2017, Abdul Karim Wali Dad, a local taxi driver and the only son of his parents, resident of Jamk area of Kashap district Kech was severely beaten up and abducted by security forces near Mirani Dam in Dasht, district Kech Balochistan.

On the same day, forces raided a tea hotel in Hoshap district Kech and abducted Kauda Shambe, resident of Tal, Hoshap district Kech, Noor Bakhsh Mia Mazar and his brother Khurshed, residents of Mir Bazar, Hoshap district Kech, Balochistan.

After two days, on 28th November 2017, Kauda Shambe and Noor Bakhsh were released but Khurshed is still missing.

On 25th November 2017, intelligence agencies personnel abducted three local drivers from Panjgur Bazar. The abductees are from district Panjgur and are identified as Khuda Raham Pullan, resident of Pulki, Nazir Umid, resident of Karke Dal and Rahim Mohammad Karim, resident of Salari Gichk.

Separately, forces after severely beating Asif abducted him from an auto shop in Chitkan Bazar, district Panjgur, Balochistan.

On 24th November 2017, force raided Nizarabad and Asiabad areas of Tump district Kech and abducted, Mulla Muhsin, Chakar, Imran and a laborer Pathan Pullan.

On the same day, from Faqir colony, district Gwadar, forces abducted Khalil Qader Bakhsh, resident of Hasadig, Dasht, district Kech, Balochistan.

The abductees have been shifted to unknown locations and their whereabouts remain unknown to their families.

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