Military abduct student leader, political workers of Balochistan in Karachi

According to reports, Sindh rangers and personnel of intelligence agencies raided a house near Rufi Mall in Mosmiat area of Karachi, Sindh at around 21:00 on 15th of November and abducted Sanaullah Baloch, Hassam Baloch, Rafeeq Baloch and the house owner Naseer Baloch. All four are from different areas of Balochistan.

Sanaullah, aka Ezzat Baloch is the central Secretary General, Hassam Baloch and Naseer Baloch are the members of central committee of Baloch Students Organization’s Azad faction, which campaigns for the right of self-determination for the people of Balochistan. Sanaullah has been very active against the ongoing China-Pakistan economic corridor, a multi-billion dollars project that include a road network in Balochistan.

Rafeeq Baloch is a political worker affiliated with Baloch National Movement, BNM, which like BSO, campaigns for the right of self-determination for Balochistan.

It is the second high profile case in a couple of weeks, in which Sindh Rangers and intelligence agencies raided the houses in Karachi and abducted the students, political workers and human rights activists of Balochistan.

On 28th of October, Mr. Nawaz Atta, the information secretary of Baloch Human Rights Organization was also abducted and forcibly disappeared along with eight other students from Karachi. Along with Nawaz Atta, there is a 9 years old kid, Aftab Baloch, who is abducted and forcibly disappeared.

Rafeeq Baloch, Photo: BSO-A

Rafeeq Baloch, the fourth abductee in recent case, was once wounded during air force shelling on their houses in Awaran Balochistan in 2010. He had lost his right eye. He could not walk properly as well. He needed continuous medical aid and lived in Karachi since 2010.

The family members of the house have witnessed the abduction of all four persons on November 15.

A wave of continuous abductions carried out by Pakistani security forces and not a single effective investigation has been conducted to hold the perpetrators accountable.

The victims of enforced disappearances are held in secret location and the authorities refuse to disclose their whereabouts to their families.

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