Islamists, military kill Baloch student leader


Islamists and military personnel jointly killed a student leader on October 23, 2016, in Kórak village of Jhao, district Awaran, Balochistan.

Some radical Islamists attacked a group of youths. As they ran for their life, security forces personnel blocked their way, opening fire on them.

Khumar Baloch, a 21-year-old student and a local leader of the Baloch Students Organization-Azad was killed in the firing. It’s not clear whose bullet led to the youngster’s death.

The locals witnessed a similar attack on the house of a man called Baiyan in August early this year. In the attack jointly conducted by Islamists and security forces, Baiyan, his young son Qambar and a grandchild were killed.
Locals also claimed to have seen armed men shouting Allah u Akbar while walking towards to the military camp after carrying out an attack at the worship place of the Zigri sect on 28th August, 2014. Seven people were killed in the attack, including the father of Raza Jahangir, a persecuted leader of the BSO-Azad.
The group of Islamists is called ‘Dásh’, a local variant for ‘Daesh’, the Arabic name for IS.

IS has claimed responsibility for August 2016’s brutal attack at a Quetta hospital killing nearly hundred people, most of them Lawyers.

Religious violence in Balochistan received global attention with the brutal mass killing of members of Hazara, Shia community. Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said in 2014: “…spread of armed religious extremism shows a plan to weaken the nationalist militants”.


Nationalists groups have also blamed the security forces for sponsoring religious groups to counter a separatist movement in Balochistan.
There has been a rise in Islamic schools in the region. Government of Balochistan once said that 234 out of 5,441 Islamic schools in Balochistan receive foreign funds directly. Some 5,330 out of 1, 29,997 students in these seminaries are foreigners.

Religious groups have also targeted educationists and writers.
Jan Mahmad Dashti, a Baloch writer, was shot on head in 2009. He lost his left eye, but survived the attack, which was claimed by Islamists calling him an Anti-Islam.
Professor Saba Dashtyari, another Baloch intellectual and literary activist, was killed in Quetta in 2001. An Islamic group claimed responsibility calling him Anti-Islam.

Zahid Askani, an educationists in Gwadar, was killed in 2014 for promoting co-education, which Islamists claim is against the teachings of Islam.

But the attacks are now increased and became deadlier than they were before. Attacks are being claimed by Islamic State now a days.

In August 2016, IS claimed the responsibility for a deadly attack on lawyers in Quetta Hospital.

Another attack was claimed by IS, in which more than hundred youths were killed in Police Training School in Quetta on Tuesday.

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