Decomposed dead bodies found in Balochistan

A fully decomposed dead body has been found in Feroz Abad area of Khuzdar Balochistan which is beyond recognition. However sources say there is a ring in one fingure of the dead which may help to recognize, if a close family gets help with that. It has happened so many times that identity of dead body has been evolving for days and was confirmed by a close family ember through a badge mark of dress of a sign on the body.

Khuzdar region of Balochistan is known most for the mass graves, where hundreds of decomposed bodies were found in January 2014.

Another decomposed dead body is found in Dannuk area of Turbat Balochistan in the same day, Friday July 8th.

Both dead bodies are shifted to the hospitals, where families of the missing persons have to rush and check to identify them.


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