Civilians, including women and an Infant abducted in Balochistan

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On 6th March 2017 Pakistani security forces started a military operation in Murmasi area of Mashkey District Awaran, Balochistan.

Forces burnt more than 30 houses and looted more than 1300 live-stock.

According to local sources more than a dozen innocent civilians were abducted and taken into the Pakistani military camp in Gajjar, Mashkey, Balochistan. Moreover many civilians were injured due to Pakistan security forces’ shooting on Civillians, including two sons of Shikari Mohammad Bakhsh.

We have received the names of somes of the abducted Women, as:

1. Rahm BiBi
2. Saayal
3. Dur Bano
4. Zubeda
5. Lal malik
6. Sammul
7. Noori
8. Shakran
9. Pari
10. Samina
11. Khalil (an infant).

Area is kept locked and the communication systems boocked. There is no confirmation of the current situation, even after 2 days of the military operation.

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