Balochistan: 20 killed in May, 29 disappeared, woman’s killing by ‘State-backed robbers’ sparks protests

A four-year-old baby girl, Bramsh, was shot and injured and her mother Malik Naz killed when a group of three robbers broke into their house on May 26 at around 03AM local time in Dannok village of Turbat, district Kech.

The incident attracted mass attention in all of Balochistan and beyond in a short time, as the family had captured one of the culprits who admitted he worked for Pakistan’s Military Intelligence. He was carrying an ID card of the MI. He confessed and gave the names of the rest of the gang, including their leader Sameer Sabzal.

A picture of Sameer was found on social media in which he is seen sitting next to Balochistan’s finance minister Zahoor Buledi. The minister denied any acquaintance with the person he was photographed with.

People from all walks of life took to the streets and demanded justice for Bramsh and her mother. Massive protests were held in almost all the major cities and towns of Balochistan as well as Baloch areas of Punjab and Karachi. The demands were that Malik Naz’s killers be arrested and punished and all the state-backed death squads in Balochistan be dismembered.

Bramsh & MalikNaz. Photo:

They demanded the arrest of the gang leader Sameer who went into hiding. He was arrested by the Turbat police on June 4, but he made a public appearance on social media and claimed he had nothing to do with the captured culprit. However, he said nothing about his affiliation with the Balochistan Awami Party, the ruling party in the province.

We are unable to understand why it took the police this much time to arrest the gang leader nominated for the killing of Malik Naz and injuring Bramsh despite the arrested robber confessing to working for him. People from all walks did their best to raise voice and demand justice. Many people were seen organizing the protests. They are, for sure, being watched by the huge network of the death squads, operating as the military’s contractors to whom the military has outsourced its counter insurgency operations across Balochistan. We fear for the safety of the organisers.

Shafiq Sasoli from Khuzdar region of Balochistan was one of those who helped organise a Bramsh rally after which his family received a threatening note and a shroud at his house on June 5.

Unknown gunmen roam around streets and markets of the villages and towns of Balochistan, who kill, abduct and rob people anywhere, any time. They are locally called Death Squads and serve the military’s mass-scale, decades-long policy of enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings in the province. However, the military had always denied any role behind these armed groups and any role in the disappearances and killings, even in cases where military is clearly seen involved like that of Javed Gwahram.

On May 24, Javed Gwahram, 26, resident of Mand, district Kech succumbed to severe torture injuries and died in a hospital in Karachi, Sindh. He was taken to Karachi because his kidneys stopped functioning, as he was not provided drinking water for more than a week in the military’s torture cell. He was abducted by personnel of Frontier Corps, a paramilitary force on May 7. His uncle, Latif, was called by officials of the Frontier Corps to visit their camp and bring Javed’s younger brother Zubair with him. Latif was told on May 15 to leave Zubair in the camp and leave. He had no choice. Latif received another call on May 17 to visit the camp. He went and brought the elder brother, Javed, who was in half dead condition. Javed was taken to the Turbat hospital but doctors advised the family to take him to a big hospital in Karachi, where Javed died on May 24. His brother Zubair remains in illegal custody. Zubair is a fisherman and the youngest of three orphaned brothers and five sisters.

Meanwhile, three other students and a teacher among 29 were forcibly disappeared by the military in the month of May, 2020 and twenty persons killed, including four women. The students include a cultural and literary activist, Sana Sypad, a resident of Kharan, who was the president of a literary society, Naseer Kubdani Labzaki Diwan, based in Kharan, and currently, pursuing M.Phil at the Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad. He was abducted by FC on 13 May.

Balochistan: 16 killed, 45 abducted in April as military raids increased

Amid the Covid-19 lockdown, Balochistan witnessed a surge in military raids with 16 killed and 45 abducted in April. As many as 73 people had been picked up by the Pakistani forces, including students, women, children, and infants, but 28 were later released. The whereabouts of the 45 remain unknown.

A teenage boy Murad Jan was called in the military camp in the Rindak area of Mashkay, district Awaran, on April 10. For hours, he was tortured for not speaking Urdu language and later released and ordered to return the next day to the camp with an Urdu interpreter. He succumbed to the injuries the other day. He was the fourth member of his family tortured to death by the Pakistani army.


Sanaullah Mohammad Hasni. Photo: Ashoob news

Sanaullah Mohammad Hasni, who had been forcibly disappeared by the forces from his home two years ago, was found dead on a roadside in Manguchar, district Kalat, on April 2. According to his family, his body bore signs of severe torture.


Settlements were burned down in weeks-long military actions in the Kech, Panjgur, and Awaran districts which left people homeless after returning from torture cells.

The region has seen military operations since the mid-2010s. During one such operation in August 2016, the whole area was kept under siege for more than a month. The mountainous areas were shelled by helicopters with all exits and entries blocked. Many houses and settlements turned to ashes. And then the people were forced to move out of the region. Families left their houses and wandered from Awaran of Balochistan to Jhao and then to the Lasbella, the district bordering Sindh.

On April 1, the forces raided several houses in Khalidabad and Kalatcheer areas of Mashkay, district Awaran. They forcibly disappeared four persons, Shakir Mirza, Abdul Nabi, Master Gulzar Kareem Bakhsh, and Daulat Mirza.


Hakeem Mazar. Photo. Ashoob News

On the same day, the forces abducted two other people in two separate raids. They were identified as 19-year-old student Hakeem Mazar, picked up from his home in Gwadar, and Faiz Ahmed Jan Muhammad of Malant Tump, district Kech.


On April 7, four members of a family identified as Gohram Shafi Muhammad, Hameed Dur Muhammad, Khair Jan, and Zubair Majeed were abducted from the Jakki area of Mashkay.

Similarly, on the same day, forces picked up Tajo Jangi Ali Bugti, Zahoor Kohdil Bugti, Gwari, and Mangal Khair Muhammad from Zain Koh in Dera Bugti.

On April 14, forces abducted Iqbal Rasheed and four others during an operation in Keelkore, district Panjgur. The others were later released while Iqbal remains in custody.

On April 15, a large number of forces conducted raids in Kolwah, Tertij, and Malar areas of district Awaran, whisking away dozens of people and burning down many villages. The victims of enforced disappearance in these operations were identified as Shahdost, Dad Bakhsh, Master Badal Yar Muhammad, Dil Murad Qadir Bakhsh, Mahmood Dad Muhammad, Jaffar Mayar, Pindok Mia Sanjar, Noor Bakhsh Ahmad, Murad Jan & Abbas Aziz, Maqsood Pindok, Khuda Dad Pindok, Ashraf Murad Bakhsh & Charshambay Murad Bakhsh.

On April 16, the forces stationed in Bidrang Kolwah, district Awaran, summoned Saeed Ali Muhammad to their military camp for questioning. He has not returned.

On April 17, forces raided and burned down several houses in Bolor, Kolwah, district Awaran, and whisked away three persons namely Abdul Razaq Elahi Bakhsh, Rasheed Elahi Bakhsh, and Sudheer Elahi Bakhsh.

On the same day, Malik Raheem, a resident of Paroom, district Panjgur, was picked up from his home. His whereabouts are still not known.

On April 18, forces abducted Razzaq Kamalo and Adam Sommar from Loop, Balgatar, district Panjgur.

On April 20, forces raided a house in Doleji, Jahoo, district Awaran and took away Noor Khan Baloch.

On April 22, Sanaullah Ashraf Rind was forcibly disappeared from his house.

On April 25, forces whisked away Allah Bakhsh Mirza, Mola Bakhsh Jahangir, and Fida Hussain in Menaz Buleda, district Kech.

On April 28, forces conducted raids in Sorger, Jahoo, district Awaran, and abducted four residents identified as Mir Ghaos Bakhsh Umrani, Abdul Ghafoor Naik Muhammad Umrani, Muhammad Jan Umar and Hussain Eido.

Incidents of killing:

On April 7, the bodies of Bakhtiar and Mayar, residents of Besima, district Washuk, were found. They had been abducted from Gichk, Panjgur, by the militants of the Baloch Republican Army (BRA), a separatist group, on March 30, 2020. The group claimed responsibility for the killings in a statement, accusing them of working for local death squads and being involved in several murders of their members.

On April 8, the decomposed bodies of Zameen Gull, a resident of Shangala, Malakand, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Muzzafer Khan, a resident of Shahrag, district Harnai, were found by Levies. They were coal mine workers who had been abducted along with two others. The abductors remain unknown.

On the same day, unknown armed persons opened fire on Sana Ullah Ismail, resident of Bolan, and killed him for unknown reasons. The local administration shifted the body to the hospital and initiated an investigation of the murder.

On April 9, a police ASI Barat Ali Hazara was gunned down in Hazara Town, Quetta. The body was taken to the hospital by the Edhi Foundation and was later handed over to the family after medical examination.

On April 15, unknown armed men shot dead Huzoor Bakhsh Mohammed Siddiq Bangulzai, resident of Mangochar, district Kalat. Three others were injured in the incident.  

On April 22, the body of Gul Muhammad Darbaz was found in a room in Harnai by the Police. The body was sent to the hospital for further examination.

On April 26, four militants of the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), Noora Sherdil, Momin Muhammad Azeem, and Abdul Malik and Nawaz were killed by security forces and local death squads in an encounter. Malik and Nawaz were brothers.

On April 27, unknown persons gunned down Muhammad Qasim Bahram and Khuda Bakhsh Raheem Bakhsh for unknown reasons. A man and his daughter were also injured in the incident.


Balochistan: Enforced disappearances continue amid Corona crisis

Balochistan was swept with a sudden surge in COVID-19 cases during March. The global pandemic was helped spread in Balochistan by the incompetent handling of travelers entering Balochistan from Iran. Thousands of travelers were kept in narrowly erected tents in hot, filthy conditions in Taftan under the watch of Levies and the army. The Balochistan Government termed the measure as quarantine. According to doctors working at the camp, there were no testing facilities. Even those who presented with symptoms could not be tested and no one knows how many of the quarantined people were infected or not. The conditions were further exacerbated by the lack of doctors, nurses and necessary medical facilities. At one point things got so bad that protests broke out among those quarantined.

It is estimated that the mismanaged quarantine village not only helped the rapid spread of the virus in Balochistan but was also one of the major sources for spreading the disease in other parts of Pakistan.

The exact number of COVID-19 cases and the resulting deaths can never be ascertained in Balochistan. First of all Balochistan does not have enough testing kits. Secondly, the regions 3g and 4g internet is blocked and clinics and hospitals do not have access to computers which hinders the fast transfer of medical data from far plunged areas to any centralized office, granted that there is any. Thirdly, Most of clinics and hospitals do not receive electricity.

Pakistan has an appallingly poor track record of disease control in Balochistan with a major portion of the population already dying from communicable and infectious diseases like malaria, hepatitis, diarrhea, typhoid, etc. We believe a major humanitarian crisis in developing awaits the people of Balochistan with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The conflict between the militants opposing Pakistan´s presence in Balochistan and the Pakistani troops continued despite the COVID-19 crisis. Pakistani troops carried out systematic abuse and unjustified arbitrary arrests in Balochistan without any slowdown. Targeted enforced disappearances of those who oppose rule from Islamabad continued unabated even in the times of Corona. Below are the chronological documentation of enforced disappearances and killings during the month of March 2020 in different parts of Balochistan where we have access.

March 2020: 39 People forcibly disappeared in Balochistan

On March 2, Pakistani security forces raided a house in the remote village of Zahmdo in Mangoli area of Mashkay, district Awaran. Mr. Rahim Bakhsh was forcibly disappeared along with his wife Bibi Zargul in the raid. Bibi Zargul was later thrown near the house in a critical condition after being tortured. She succumbed to the injuries and died later on that day while Rahim Bakhsh is still listed as missing.

On Mar 3, military forces raided several houses in Peerander village, in district Awaran. The village dwellers, including women and children were beaten-up and three persons were forcibly disappeared. The enforced disappeared persons were identified as Saleem Afzal, Aqil Shahzad and Zareef Ibrahim.

On Mar 4, forces carried out a raid on Jumma Dilwash’s house in Kohad, Tump, district Kech and abducted Fahad Majeed.

On Mar 6, forces abducted 7 residents from Goburd village in Mand town, district Kech during a raid. All of them were later released except Parvez Rasool Bakhsh who is still missing.

On the same day, paramilitary units whisked away three people from Zain Koh, district Dera Bugti. The abductees were identified as Mukhtar Rakhia Bugti, Basheer Ghulam Hussain Bugti, Tariq Peeri Bugti.

On Mar 7, Abid Peerdad—a resident of Gwarkop, district Kech was whisked away from a checkpoint near Pidrak village by the security forces during a routine inspection of the local transport vehicle in which he was traveling. He was a laborer in Dubai and had come to visit his family in his native village of Gwarkop. He has been listed as missing since being abducted from the abovementioned checkpoint.


On Mar 9, forces raided the students´ hostel in Turbat, district Kech, and forcibly disappeared two students, Imam Anwar and Alim Bohair. Their families have not been provided with any information about their whereabouts and wellbeing.

On the same day forces also whisked away a 13-year-old teenager from Peerander, district Awaran. The victim’s family reported receiving continuous threats to leave the village, failing which all of the family members will be forcefully disappeared one after another.

On Mar 15, forces raided the house of Sakhi Dad Baloch in Ziarat e Dan area of Awaran, and abducted his wife Razia. She was tortured and asked to find her son, who had joined the militants, and persuade him to surrender.

On Mar 19, Ustad Doda Deen Muhammad was forcibly disappeared from Alangi, Mashkay, district Awaran during a military operation on his house.

On Mar 20, security forces raided a house in Tal, Hoshab, district Kech and forcibly disappeared Haqdad and his son Bakhshi. Haqdad was released after a day´s torture but his son’s whereabouts are still unknown.

On Mar 21 forces disappeared three residents of Panjgur from different areas of the city in several separate raids. The victims identified as Hasam Fazal Kareem and Qasum Sayed Muhammad were abducted from Chitkan area of Panjgur while Zahir Abdul Samad was abducted from Washbod area of Panjgur.

On Mar 22, Fida Muhammad Ali was forcibly disappeared by military personnel from a garage in Tump area of district Kech where he had gone to repair his car.

On Mar 23, forces forcibly whisked away two brothers Shoaib and Obaid sons of Yousuf Baloch who were residents of Sechi, Dasht, district Kech. Shoaib had traveled to Gwadar in search of a job and Obaid was on his way to Turbat from Dasht. Their whereabouts are not known since then.

On Mar 24, security forces carried out a raid in Menaz, Buleda, district Kech and forcefully disappeared three residents whose only first names could be confirmed as Hayat, Abid and Jahanzaib.

On the same day, forces raided a house in Turbat and abducted Dilpul Yaar Muhammad.

On Mar 25, the army unlawfully detained three persons belonging to Dera Bugti district who were on their way to Rajanpur. The military later alleged that they were terrorists and had been captured with weapons. However, their names were not revealed to the public. The residents of Dera Bugti claim that this ambiguous operation carries all the hallmarks of previous such “Extortion operations” where the army usually abducts civilians and blames them of terrorist activities without revealing their identities. In most of such cases the family members of the abductees are forced to secure their release by paying huge ransoms.

On the same day, members of military-sponsored local death squads abducted Nasir Essa, a resident of Diz, Parom, district Panjgur.

On Mar 27, Malik Jan Naseer was abducted in a military raid on the houses of Mr. Lashkaran and Mr. Naseer in Gomazi, Tump, district Kech.

On Mar 28, Naeem Pindok, a resident of Malar Kahn, district Awaran was forcibly disappeared in a military raid on his house.

On the same day, forces abducted Sagheer Abdul Samad and his younger brother (whose name could not be confirmed) from Gomazi, Tump, district Kech. Eyewitnesses recounted that they were kicked around, hit with gun buts and sticks before being taken away.

March 2020: 15 people killed across Balochistan.

On Mar 1, Aqeel Jan Muhammad was shot dead in an honor killing case in the Malant village of Tump. The levies received the body from the killers and later handed over it to the family.

On Mar 2, unknown militants shot down Taufeeq Rafeeq, a resident of Asiabad, Tump, district Kech, and injured Rashid Hashim who was accompanying him. Baloch Republican Army (BRA), a militant organization claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement issued to the media. Taufeeq had previously been affiliated with the militant group but had surrendered recently.

On Mar 6, unidentified gunmen opened fire on Taufeeq Aslam—a resident of Malant Tump, district Kech and killed him. He was a laborer in Iran and had returned to his hometown, Tump, 2 months ago. There is no further information available mainly due to the local police force´s reluctance to carry out a productive investigation process.

On Mar 10, the militants of Baloch Raji Ajoi Sangar (BRAS), a pro-independence Baloch militant group, killed 3 civilians named as Khalil Ahmad Yar Muhammad, Muhammad Sadiq Adam and Naseem Faqeer and apprehended 1 person alive in an attack carried on Naguman’s house in Gawargo area of Panjgur. The militant organization, in a news statement issued to the media after the attack, accused them of working for the military.

On Mar 25, a decomposed body was recovered from Naganag village of Lorlai, district Lorlai . The initial investigations by the local administration identified him as Asadullah Pahlawan, from Afghanistan, who being holder of a refugee card had lived in Pakistan as a refugee. His killing also remained a mystery as the local administration did not show any interest in investigating the case.

On Mar 26, the dead body of Khuda Dad Noora was found in Doki Kaor. He had been abducted by militants of Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) six days earlier. He is presumed to be killed by the militant group.

On Mar 28, two dead bodies of a girl and a boy were recovered from Dahl, near district Chagai. The bodies were handed over to families by the local administration. The police and local administration are reluctant to investigate the case and had tried to suppress information about the killings. The case carries all the traits of honor killing.

On Mar 29, Abdul Basit, resident of Chitkan in Panjgur city was killed when he resisted being robbed by a gang of thieves. His friend was also got injured in the incident. The police had failed to carry out further investigations or apprehend the culprits.

On the same day, Allah Bakhsh, a resident of Barkhan was killed and three other people were injured in an encounter by the police. The police blamed him of being a professional criminal. However, all due process to arrest him or present him in the courts were flouted by the police.

On Mar 31, unknown armed men shot down two residents of Awaran namely Sana Ullah and Ganj Bakhsh. They were said to be former members of Baloch militant groups. No one claimed responsibility for the attack.

Balochistan: 40 persons disappeared, 12 killed in February

On feb 3, Pakistani forces whisked away Shodo son of Nanda bugti from Jarwa, Sui, district Dera Bugti

On feb 6, forces took away five people during a raid in Tanki, Basima, district Washuk. The victims were identified as Khuda Raham Qadir Bakhsh, Ameen Mubarak, Rafeeq Muhammad noor, Ahmad Badal and Abdul Razzaq Allah Bakhsh.

On feb 11, forces abducted a student, Meeran Kareem from a wedding ceremony. He had come to Dasht from Quetta, where he was studying, to attend the family wedding.

On feb 13, forces forcibly disappeared Mohammad Azeem Haji Muhammad saleh from Malant, district Kech. He had been living in Dubai and had come from there along with his wife to his native town. The forces beat-up his wife, took their valuables and abducted him. It is believed he was abducted because of his brothers affiliation with Baloch National Movement—a nationalist political party in Balochistan.

On feb 14, Hassan Qambarani and Hizbullah Qambarani were forcibily disappeared from Killi Qambarani, district Quetta.

On feb 15, forces raided several villages over in Jahoo and Nokjo areas of Awaran and abducted a large number of the residents. Our sources could confirm the names of only 12 persons. The others remain unidentified. Among the confirmed ones are the names of Abdul Basit Zubair, Javed Abdul Hameed, Huzoor Master Elahi Bakhsh, Anwar Muhammad, Khalil and Badal sons of Abbas, Shambo Yaroo, Rahim Dad Hussain & his son Shabeer, Mamo Naiko & his son Rashid, Tahir Shambo. In a separate incident, the intelligence forces whisked away Muhammad Ramazan Sher Muhammad while he was traveling from Hub to Karachi.

From L to R: Abdul Basit Zubair, Javed Abdul Hameed, Huzoor Master Ilahi Bakhsh.

On feb 18, forces raided a house in Mayani Kalat, Mashkay, district Awaran and abducted Nadeem Ali Murad.

On the same day, forces forcibly disappeared another person named as Shaukat Muhammad. He was a local driver and was repairing his car at a shop in Chitkan Bazar in Panjgur city when he was picked-up.

Separately, during the same day, the police arrested 7 from district Washuk and handed them over to the Frontier Corps after which they were moved to undisclosed locations. The victims have not been identified by the police nor any information of their handing over to the Frontier corps and their whereabouts have been recieved.

On feb 21, forces raided a house in Singabad, district Kech and forcibly disappeared Mujahid wali Muhammad.

Mujahid Wali Mohammad. Photo: TBP











On feb 23, Muhammad Qasum and Naseem—residents of Mashkail, district Washuk were abducted by secret agents from Nokcha area of district Dalbandin.

On feb 26, forces carried out a raid on Ishaq’s house in Kosar Bazar, Jiwani, district Gwadar, looted the valuables and abducted his son along with a relative named as Sarfaraz.

On feb 28, forces picked up two others, Raheemo along with his son from Wadi in Mashkay, district Awaran and moved them to an unknown location. During the raid the forces beat up women and looted the valuables from the villagers.

On the same day, during a raid, forces forcefully disappeared Dula Khair Bakhsh—a resident of Zainkoh town, district Dera Bugti.

Killed persons;

On feb 7, an unidentifable decomposed body was found in Zhob and was sent to the hospital for medical examination by SHO Haji Mohammed Zamri.

On the same day, a police constable opened arbitrary fire and killed a rickshaw driver in Quetta city. Later, the police constable was arrested and the body of the victim was moved to the hospital.

On feb 9, unknown gunmen opened fire on Ghulam Hussain Azar—a poet and a resident of Nasirabad, district Kech and killed him for unknown reasons.

On feb 10, Unrecognizable decomposed body recovered from Dasht Gwandain. Edhi foundation took the body to hospital.

on feb 20, unknown militants shot down Aftab son of Shehaq Ameen who was a resident of Killi Jamaldini, district Noshki. The reasons behind the murder could not be ascertained. The Perpetrators have not been till date arrested.

On the same day, a member of Balochistan National Party**, Ismail, who was a resident of Dera Farm, district Kohlu was stoned to death by the persons who had invited him. The police arrested two suspects and according to the police, the case is being investigated.

On feb 21, unidentified armed men shot Muhammad Bilal Muhammad Siddiq—a resident of Kisadi, district Harnai. The levies took the body to the hospital for postmortem but the reasons for the murder is still not ascertained.

On feb 23, unknown militants entered a house in Balochabad, Ragay, district Washuk and gunned down Saleem Bangal for unknown reason. Initially, they tried to abduct him but as the family strongly resisted the move, then the militants shot him on sight.

On feb 26, two members of Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), Chakar Marri and Qadir Marri were reported to have been killed during a battle between Pakistani forces and Baloch militants.

Balochistan 2019: Military whisked away 568 persons and killed another 241


The year 2019 saw no improvement in the Human rights situation for the people in Pakistan’s restive province of Balochistan. Enforced disappearances, arbitrary arrests, target killings and military operations continued unabated and with impunity.

We have received partial details of 568 cases of enforced disappearances and 241 killings during the year 2019. Most of the forcibily disappeared persons were from Awaran, Gwadar, Kech, Khuzdar and Pangur districts of the province. Meanwhile the other twenty-seven districts of the province were not accessible to us due to continued military operations and blockade of communication networks.

Students remained a main target of military and the military backed death squads during the year 2019, as majority of the forcibily disappeared persons during the year were students.

In one of a blatant rights violations of the students, secret video cameras were found installed in the main university of Balochistan to record candid moments. Cameras were discovered in washrooms and other private places in girls hostel of the university. The recordings were used in blackmailing students. The government formed parliamentary commission played a waiting game until the issue was pushed out of the news by other human rights violations such as the forced evacuation of female students from the Bolan Medical college. We believe the issue of students’ recordings and harrasment would be put in the cold with no conclusive results coming out of the so called investigations. The reasons of this ignorance can be better understood by the fact that the university is under the control of the powerful military for years and all initial proofs point toward military’s involvement in these harrasment cases. The university itself is declared as a sub campus of army’s Frontier Corps.

None of the enforced disappeared persons were charged of any crime or illegal activity in front of any court. All the 568 persons remain disappeared and the families are unaware of the whereabouts and condition of the missing persons.


Balochistan: 48 forcibly disappeared, 12 killed in January

At least 48 people were forcibly disappeared and 12 killed in Balochistan in January this year.

They are the latest victims of a military operation launched in Balochistan in the early 2000s to curb a separatist Baloch insurgency. Thousands have gone missing and hundreds murdered since then. Human rights groups, Pakistan’s own judiciary and a number of parliamentarians have held the powerful military responsible for such human rights abuses in Balochistan, Sindh and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

On Dec 27, security forces whisked away two people — Shakir son of Rafiq and Mullah Rahmat son of Majeed — from Balnegwar, Dasht, district Kech when they were travelling from Karachi to visit their families.

On Jan 4, the forces took away Muheem Jan son of Sakim and Ashiq son of Noor Muhammad during separate raids in Balnegwar.

On Jan 6, they raided a house in Bal area of Dasht, district Kech and took away 50-year-old Ibrahim, son of Brahim. Soldiers also harassed and assaulted the house’s women and children during the raid, injuring a young girl.

On Jan 13, in raids in various areas of district Harnai, the security forces took away seven people and shifted them to undisclosed locations. The abductees were identified as Shareef son of Khair Muhammad Marri, Wazeer son of Wahab Marri, Parvaiz son of Shakar Khan Marri, Murad Khan son of Daulat Khan Marri, Tothi son of Bando Marri, Alim Baig son of Meri Marri and Jango Marri.

The same day, they also raided a house in Tertij, district Awaran, and forcibly disappeared Saeed Baloch son of Allah Dad.

On Jan 16, they carried out a raid in Gishkore Gazzi, district Awaran, and took away Faiz Muhammd son of Bijjar, Allah Dad son of Faiz Muhammad and Saleem son of Muhamad Khan.

On Jan 17, paramilitary Frontier Corps personnel whisked away dozens of residents of Mazar Goth, district Awaran, but we were able to confirm the identity of only 18 abductees. They are Jameel son of Khuda Bakhsh, Ather son of Mehrab, Ganj Bakhsh son of Peer Muhammad, Manzoor son of Brahim, Saeed son of Muhammad Bakhsh, Waidhi son of Bazaidh, Muhammad Yar and Naikaal sons of Waidhi, Sheer/Sher jan son of Mohammad Bakhsh, Qadir Bakhsh son of Ganguzar, Atha and Basheer sons of Nazar Muhammad, kamalan, Charshambe son of Murad Bakhsh, Noor Muhammad Ghani son of Rustom, Allah Bakhsh son of Kareem Dad, Noor Bakhsh and his som Hoth Umeed.

On Jan 22, the forces raided the house of Master Kareem in Khalilabad area of Turbat, and whisked him away along with his son Malok.

On Jan 25, they took away two cousins, Bilal son of Hamza and Shakar son of Dawood, from Turbat, district Kech.

On Jan 28, they carried out a raid in the Soro area of Mand, district Kech, and forcibly disappeared four people — Hafeez son of Majeed, Salim son of Hussain, Jahanzaib and Nadeem sons of Elahi Baksh.

Separately, on the same day, the forces abducted Lal Jan son of Khuda Bakhsh from his house in Hub Chowki, district Hub.

On Jan 29, four persons were taken away during a raid in Ragey Thangi, district Washuk. The victims were identified as Zahoor son of Sadiq, Rafiq son of Mama Anwar, Khuda Rahim son of Qadir Bakhsh and Hamid son of Badal.


On Jan 1, a decomposed body was found in Garbi bypass, Kuchlak, which was moved to hospital by the police. The deceased was identified as Noor Ahmad son of Abdul Hameed Sulemani. According to medical reports, his body bore marks of torture.

On the same day, the body of Waheed Muhammad Hasni was found in Taftan, district Chagai. He had been abducted by unidentified gunmen five days before the body was found.

On January 4, unidentified gunmen opened fire on Saeed, a police constable, a resident of Sagar, distict Panjgur, and killed him for reasons not clear to us. Another person was wounded in the firing.

An unidentified militant shot down a person in Darbar, district Kalat. The body was taken to hospital for examination, but the identity could not be confirmed till the filing of this report.

On Jan 20, the security forces shot down two unidentified persons. According to the forces, they had been involved in several bombings.

On Jan 26, a man and a woman were killed by unidentified armed men in Zaidi, district Khuzdar. The reason behind the murders remain unclear.

The same day, two other people were killed in Thorger, district Harnai. Their identity could not be confirmed either.

On Jan 28, a decomposed body was recovered near Jabal Noor and was later moved to hospital for autopsy.

On Jan 30, security forces killed Essa Bugti son of Shahzaman Bugti in a ‘staged’ encounter. The forces had taken away Essa on 14 January, and demanded an unaffordable amount from the family for ransom.

Balochistan in December: four students among 64 forcibly disappeared; 11 killed

December saw a surge in the number of people who were forcibly disappeared in Balochistan.  Some 64 persons, including two elderly men and four students, were taken away by security forces.

Meanwhile, 10 people were killed in different incidents and a decomposed dead body was recovered from district Duki.

On Nov 26, security forces abducted a student from the Hub Chowki area of district Hub and moved him to an unknown location. The victim is Sarwar son of Abdul Qadeer, a resident of Kohado area of Jahoo, district Awaran. He had recently moved to the Hub city with his family.

On Nov 29, the forces abducted two others from separate areas of Balochistan. Noor Dad son of Arz Muhammad was taken away from Ormara, Gwadar, and Taj Muhammad son of Eid Muhammad from Mand, district Kech

On Dec 2, the forces disappeared a student, Shahnawaz son of Babu, a resident of Ronjan, Mashkay area of district Awaran. His family was threatened into brining him to the army camp in Mashkay. His uncle took him to the camp from where he was forced to leave without Shahnawaz, who is still missing.

Shahnawaz Babu. Photo: TBP

On the same day, security forces abducted six others from different areas of Kech and Awaran. They were identified as Waris son of Ibrahim, Muhammad Jan son of Adam, Haleem son of Muhammad, Usman son of Allah Bakhsh, Badain son of Hamza and Qadir Bakhsh.

On Dec 3, security forces raided the house of Khalil son of Abbas in Shand area of Mand, district Kech, and took him away after a brief detention.

On Dec 4, Misk Ali son of Lala Bugti and Rasool Bakhsh son of Rameen were whisked away from Rahi area of Naseerabad during a military raid.

On Dec 6, secret agents abducted Haji Sher Jan son of Laal Khan, a resident of Senganisar area of Turbat, district Kech. He was a retired Dubai policeman who worked for 30 years and was visiting for medical treatment. He went missing from the Karachi airport. He had also been previously forcibly disappeared.

On Dec 7, the forces took away a student, Jalal son of Hassan, and Keyya son of Ali from the Gomazi area of Tump, district Kech, during a search operation. He is since missing.

On Dec 8, military forces carried out a search operation in Hor, Dasht, district Kech, and abducted Akbar son of Madi Khan and another person whose identity couldn’t be confirmed.

On Dec 9, local death squad militants abducted a teenaged boy, Khairullah son of Abdul Samad Laangav, from Tootak, Khuzdar.

The same day, the forces picked up Rasool Bakhsh son of Nazeer and Shabeer son of Noor Bakhsh during a raid in Zandain Daz area of Panjgur. His whereabouts remain unknown.

On Dec 10, the forces conducted a search operation, laying siege to Jahoo, district Awaran, and whisked away 11 people. The abductees were identified as Mullah Muhammad Kareem son of Sher Jan, Jumma son of Malik, Kameesa son of Lakko, Nabi Jan son of Gul Dad, Faqeer son of Hassan, Muhammad son of Eido, Rasool Bakhsh son of Ibrahim, Qadri son of Biyandar, Khudadad son of Noora, Jumma son of Hadoo and Muhammad Umar son of Lakko.

On Dec 12, the forces raided the house of Muneer son of Murad Bakhsh in Kaleera area of Dasht, district Kech, and took him away.

Muneer Murad Bakhsh. Photo: Ashoob News

On Dec 13, the forces carried out a raid on the house of Ishaq son of Ibahim in Jitani Bazar, Dasht, district Kech. They beat up the women and took Ishaq away. It is the second time he has been forcibly disappeared.

The same day, the forces whisked away six persons from a bus stop in Hazarganji, Quetta. They were travelling from Naseerabad for medical treatment. Later, the others were released but 60-year-old Haji Dost Ali and 80-year-old Fareed are still missing.

On Dec 17, the forces abducted Kareem Dad, his son Murad Jan and son-in-law Umar from Bagod area of Mashkay, district Awaran. Also, they took away Majid Baghwan from Nokabad area of Gramkhan, district Panjgur.

Majid Baghwan. Photo: TBP

On Dec 19, the forces picked up and disappeared Mama son of Murad Khan Marri and Raza Khan son of Mullah Qambrani from Killi Tangai, Shahrag, Harnai, district Harnai.

On Dec 20, Abbas son of Ibrahim and Waleed son of Hamza were forcibly disappeared during a raid in Mullahi Nigor, Dasht, district Kech, by military forces.

On Dec 21, the military forces raided a number of houses in the Gomazi area of Tump, district Kech, and took away five residents of the area. The victims were identified as Taimur son of Anwar, Basheer son of Haji Rehmat, Ayoub son of Rasool Bakhsh, Naseem son of Dr Dur Muhammad and Zubair son of Liaqat.

On Dec 22, the forces raided a house in Tayabdapi area of district Gwadar and whisked away Wahab son of Ghulam Muhammad, a student in Quetta. He had come home on vacations.

Wahab Ghulam Mohammad. Photo: Social media/Twitter

On Dec 23, Qadeer son of Barkat went missing when the security forces raided his house in the Malar area of district Awaran and dragged him away.

On Dec 25, the forces conducted a search operation in Awaran and abducted eight locals — Pullain son of Hassan, Maula Bakhsh son of Peer Jan, Akbar son of Maula Bakhsh, Hassan son of Siddiq, Murad son of Hassan, Nadeem son of Allahyar, Barkat and Yaseen sons of Ameen. The identity of two others could not be confirmed.

The same day, intelligence personnel whisked away a resident of Damb, Hoshab, district Kech namely Shakar son of Sordo. Meanwhile, FC personnel raided the house of Haneef son of Swali in Malar, Awaran and took him away.

On Dec 26, intelligence personnel forcibly disappeared Aseel son of Ismail who was a resident of Sardro, Panjgur. He was picked up from the Diesel Market where he had been working for over a year.

Killed persons:

On Dec 1, unknown militants opened fire on Ameer son of Bashir, a resident of the Gichk area of Panjgur, and killed him. Another person, Nizam, was also injured in the incident.

On Dec 3, unidentified gunmen killed Abdul Rasool son of abdullah in Saryab Mill area of Quetta for unknown reasons.

On Dec 13, unknown armed men shot down Rafiq son of Muhammad Ismail, a resident of Tadeek area of Noshki. The reason behind the murder remains unknown.

On Dec 18, unknown militants opened fire on Mehboob and his son Danish. According to the locals, they were working for the Pakistani forces.

On the the same day, during a skirmish between Pakistani forces and Baloch militants, two members of the Baloch Liberation Front (BLF) namely Sameer and Dedar were killed. They both belonged to the Badrang area of Kolwah, district Awaran.

On Dec 19, a decomposed dead body was recovered from the Ishkarchat area of district Duki and was immediately moved to hospital for medical examination. No further information was provided about his identity by the local government.

On Dec 22, one was shot dead by the police for not raising his hands on the orders of the police.

On Dec 23, Yar Muhammad, a resident of Meherabad area of Surab was killed by unknown gunmen. The reason behind his death is unknown.

On 26 Dec, gunmen killed Waqar Fida son of Fida Ahmad, a resident of Khudabadan, Panjgur for unknown reasons.

Waqar Fida. Photo: Ashoob News

Balochistan: Four women among 31 forcibly disappeared in November 2019

Personnel of Frontier Corps abducted four women during three raids in different parts of Awaran on 29 November 2019. 

They whisked away 52 years old Sakina Qadir Bakhsh from Harunay Dann, 47 years old Sayad Bibi Ahmad from Mashi, and 35 years old Hamida Mir Dilbod and 52 years old Nazal Mir Asadullah from Zilag village. 

Next day, the abducted women were photographed along with two female police officers and a cache of arms and ammunitions which the police said they had recovered from the women’s possession. 

The police claimed the four women were ‘facilitators of terrorists’ and shifted them to Khuzdar Jail after booking them on terrorism charges. 

Two of them were later hospitalized in Khuzdar due to severe physical torture. 

The Human Rights Council of Balochistan (HRCB) and Baloch Human Rights Organization (BHRO) investigated the cases and found that the four women had been picked up because of the involvement of their male relatives in the ongoing nationalist insurgency. Security forces could not find the men during previous raids on their homes. Frustrated, they finally took away the women.

All of these families are among those internally displaced due to the conflict between insurgents and military. They had left their native villages because of continuous raids on their houses. 

Security forces often lay siege to villages, abduct men and burn houses. More than a thousand of such abducted men have later been found dead. 

This pattern is forcing men to stay away from home, especially during raids. Many have joined armed groups to find a shelter. 

Abduction and enforced disappearance is not a new pattern in Balochistan. Tens of thousands of men have been abducted by security forces and are missing since early 2000’s. Dozens of mass graves have been found in different parts of Balochistan, each containing 10 to 150 bodies. 

The abduction of women tends to intensify the already simmering tensions between nationalists and the central government. 

Some nationalist armed groups have issued press releases saying “they would not consider themselves bound to the international conventions and ethics of war, as Pakistan has already violated all the ethics by abducting our women.” 

Thirty-one more persons were abducted and forcibly disappeared by security forces during the month of November, according to reports received by HRCB and BHRO. 

On Nov 1, the security forces raided a house in Cheri Malar, district Awaran and forcibly disappeared Dosten Riaz.

On Nov 3, forces abducted Wahid Murad, a resident of Ashal area of Kolwah, district Awaran from a shop in Turbat, the district headquarter of Kech.

On Nov 6, Ali Hanif was abducted and forcibly disappeared from Soro area of Mand, district Kech.

Ali Hanif. Photo: Ashoob News

On Nov 9, forces abducted Saghir Saleh Muhammad and Talal Imam Bakhsh from Goburd area of Mand, district Kech.

On Nov 10, FC raided Macchat village of Dasht, district Kech and abducted Usman Sakhi and Sharif Salim.

On Nov 17, Ubaid Arif, a Balochi writer and poet was whisked away from Jattani Bazar village of Dasht, district Kech. He was working in UAE and had come home on his vacations.

On Nov 18, FC raided a house in Singabad area of Kech and abducted Miran Sardu along with his son, Haleef Baloch.

On Nov 25, FC personnel whisked away 70 years old Kachkol Ali at a military check-post when he was on his way from Kech to Panjgur. 

On the same day, forces abducted and disappeared two students, Sajid Qadir Bakhsh and Parvez Sadiq, from Haroone Dan area of district Awaran. Sajid is the son of Sakina, one of the four women still in police custody. 

On Nov 28, FC abducted and disappeared thirteen persons from Lakhanadi, Uch area of district Dera Bugti. We were able to get details of seven of them as we await to confirm the rest. 

On Nov 28, FC raided a house in Parom are of district Panjgur and abducted Mukhtar Ghulam Rasool. 

On Nov 29, forces raided another house in Parom and forcibly disappeared four persons, Muhammad Ghulam Hussain, Barkat Liaqat, Aziz Ali Bakhsh and Shero Issa.

Killed persons:

On Nov 4, a dead body was found in district Qilla Abdullah. It was immediately moved to hospital where he was identified as Gos ullah Karim Agha. He had been abducted on 14 Aug from Shaikh Mandha, district Quetta and had been missing since then.

On Nov 10, three dead bodies were found in Gardank area of Buleda, dictrict kech. They were identified as of Niamat Abdul Karim resident of Zamuran, district Kech, Salauhddin Inayatullah resident of Khudabadan, district Panjgur and Zubair Badal Khan resident of Kharan.

On Nov 19, a dead body was recovered from Quetta. He was later identified as Ahmad Zia Navid Khalji resident of Nawa Killi, Quetta.

On Nov 29, another dead was found in Washuk, who was identified as Kamal Khan Bahadur Shah resident of Kharan.

Two decomposed bodies were found in Quetta and Qalat on 19 and 28 November. Both were beyond recognition and were buried without establishing their identities. 

Four persons were shot killed by unknown gunmen in different parts of Balochistan during the month. There are dozens of armed groups, fully armed and free-to-move in the region. They are locally called death-squads and are backed by the military.

Balochistan: 20 killed, 12 forcibly disappeared

At least 20 people were killed and 12 forcibly disappeared in different areas of Balochistan, as the military continues its crackdown against a separatist insurgency in the region.

Four persons, who had been previously abducted by “unknown gunmen”, were found dead in October 2019.

“Unknown gunmen” are masked men, who locals believe are sponsored by the military to target families of Baloch insurgents and political activists.

On 5 October, a bullet-riddled decomposed body was found in the Mandig Kaor area of Mand, a town in district Kech that borders Iran. The body was identified as that of Ali Akbar Akram. He had been previously abducted by members of local death-squad. The body bore marks of severe torture.

Ali Akbar Akram. Photo:Aashoob

On 7 October, two bodies were found in Turbat. They were later identified as Saddam Dashti and Masud Murad. Both were abducted by “unknown gunmen” from separate villages a day earlier.

On October 4, the decomposed body of Maula Bakhsh Abdul Wahid was found in Zangi Nawad area of district Nohski.

Also, four men are shot killed by “unknown gunmen” in Balochistan during the month.

On October 7, masked gunmen gunned down a Hindu merchant, Ashok Kumar in Jumma Khan Hotel, district Lasbela for unknown reason.

On October 8, Rahim Bakhsh, a resident of Gichk Kahn area of district Panjgur, was shot dead by unknown gunmen while another person, Nizam was injured in the incident. 

On October 12, Mujib Jami resident of Kashap, Dasht, district Kech was killed by unknown gunmen. According to the locals, he was a member of a local death-squad.

Mujeeb Jami. Photo: CB News

On October 15, unknown gunmen shot killed Anwar Ababaki in Hazarganji, Quetta. His father was abducted by the security forces in 2010, and is missing since then.

Besides, two unknown bodies were found in Quetta and one in Lasbela regions of Balochistan in October.

On October 3, an unidentified body was found in Killi Qambarani, district Quetta, and was then moved to hospital for further investigations. 

On the same day, the body of a woman was found in Killi Khali near Khezai bypass in Quetta. The body was sent to hospital for medical examination.

On October 25, a decomposed body was found from Windar, district Lasbela near the motorway. The body was sent to the nearest hospital and then sent to the Edhi Foundation. The body was decomposed beyond recognition.

Enforced Disappearances

Enforced disappearance continued in the month of October. Dozens were abducted by personnel of Frontier Corps, but most of them were released later. Yet twelve of them remain missing till the time of filing this report.

On October 08, Pakistani forces abducted a 14-years-old boy, Nadim Darwesh, from Sakuran area of district Hub where he had been living for quite some time after his village, Kohado, in Jahoo, district Awaran was evacuated by military. Nadim is the fourth victim of enforced disappearance in the same family.

On October 12, Frontier Corps personnel conducted a raid in the Awaran region and abducted three persons — Dad Muhammad Baran, Sabir Lal and Elahi Bakhsh Hamza.

On 14 October, forces raided the house of Miskan Baloch in Babbarshor area of Pasni, district Gwadar and inquired about his son Hamid. Later, forces took Miskan to the place where his son went for picnic and abducted his son while Miskan Baloch was let go.

On October 16, Muhammad Yaqub resident of Badokasht area of Jahl, Zehri, district Khuzdar was abducted by Frontier Corps in Surab while he was going to Khuzdar with his family.

On October 17, forces whisked away a student, Amir Jamaldini, a resident of Killi Bato, Noshki from Cadet College Noshki.

On October 18, personnel of Frontier Corps and intelligence agencies abducted Arif Irshad resident of Hoshap, Naseem Karim Bakhsh and Dil Murad Nasir, residents of Gwarkop from Koh-e-Murad, Turbat. The next day Naseem and Dil Murad were released while the whereabouts of Arif Irshad are still unknown.

On October 27, forces took away a resident of Ward No.1, Pasni, district Gwadar named as Irfan Ghani while he was on his way from Gwadar to Pasni.

Irfan Ghani.

On October 29, forces abducted Farid Fazal and Nadil Abdul Nabi during a raid in Maher area of Mand, district Kech. The military is constructing a camp in Maher and often raid local houses in search of suspects.

From R to L: Nadil Abdul Nabi and Farid Fazal. Photo Aashoob News

Balochistan: 19 killed, 32 disappeared in September

(A joint report by Human Rights Council of Balochistan and Baloch Human Rights Organization)

Military backed death squad members picked up Usman Maqbool from Pidrak area of district Kech on 4 September, 2019. He is missing since then.

Usman Maqbool. Photo: Ashoob News

On September 24, death squad militants from a different group picked up a teenage girl, Nazia, from Greshag Khuzdar. She was later released.

On September 7, gunmen abducted three persons — Jalal, Wazir and Jwanu– from Kilkore, Panjgur.

Human rights groups and locals have often accused military of harnessing such death squads in Balochistan to counter a nationalist insurgency simmering in the region for over a decade.

However, other victims were picked up by personnel of Frontier Corps (FC), a paramilitary force.

On September 1, FC personnel forcibly disappeared Abdul Qadir Abdul Samad and Tariq Mohammad during a raid in Gomazi, Tump district Kech.

On September 4, FC conducted an operation in Killi Jalazai and Killi Ghozai area of district Kharan and forcibly disappeared four persons — Saifullah Mengal, Dr. Abdul Sattar Pirkazai and his two sons, Kamran Sattar and Farooq Sattar. On the same day, Saddam Warna was abducted and disappeared by the security forces from his garment store. He had previously been taken away by the FC in 2016, but was later released.

On September 4, a student, Adil Murad Jan was whisked away by FC from a shop in Sandani area of district Panjgur.

On September 10, FC raided a house in Hor area of Dasht, district Kech and abducted 60 years old Abdul Hassan Khudadad.

On September 11, Naim Ghafoor, a resident of Gwadar was whisked away from his Shop.

On September 14, the security forces abducted five persons during a raid in Machat area of Dasht, district Kech. The victims were Arif Madi Han, Peroz Ghulam Hussain, Kabir Amir, Nazir Maula Bakhsh and Maula Bakhsh.

Separately, on the same day, two others were forcibly disappeared by FC from a check-post in Pidrak area of district Kech. The abductees were Maula Bakhsh Dur Muhammad and Adil Assa.

On September 17, two residents of Tank area of Mashkay, district Awaran, Shahjan Abdul Karim and Faiz Dilmurad went missing from army Camp where they were called to appear and then disappeared.

Similarly, Hasil Hassan resident of Pittok area of Dasht, district Kech was asked to appear in FC camp on September 19. He went to the camp and never came back. He had previously been picked up by the FC, two months back.

On September 21, FC laid siege to Gandchai in district Awaran and forcibly disappeared several locals. Only five of them could be confirmed as Qadir Bakhsh, Elahi Bakhsh, Ali Bakhsh, Manzoor and Ghulam, while the details of the rest are yet to be confirmed.

On September 26, Sharif Haji Muhammad Ali was taken away by personnel of FC during a raid on his house in Kombel area of Dasht, district Kech.

On September 28, Abdul Qadir Fazal resident of Essai area of district Panjgur, was forcibly disappeared by FC from his workplace, the telephone exchange.

On September 29, two persons were abducted by Frontier Corps. One was identified as Jafar Hussain, resident of Panjgur, who was a trader of Iranian petrol and diesel. The other victim is Sohail Huzoor resident of Katagari area of Panjgur. He was working in Dubai and had come home on his vacations.

Killed persons:

On September 29, personnel of Frontier Corps, brought the tortured body of Zafir Baloch, resident of Chedagi Awaran. He had been abducted and disappeared by the same force a few days back and had been tortured to death. Zafir was a local leader of the Baloch National Movement (BNM), a political party campaigning for right of self-determination for the people of Balochistan. A number of party’s top leaders have been killed by military, including its founding chairman Ghulam Muhammad Baloch and central general secretary Dr. Mannan Baloch.

Zafir Baloch. Photo: Zrumbesh Radio

On September 9, the tortured body of Hammal Murad resident of Gazzi area of Mashkay, district Awaran was buried under supervision of the security forces. He was abducted on August 20 and remained missing since then. In another incident on same day, military backed death-squad shot killed Mir Muhammad Ali in Grai, Ragay, district Washuk.

Hundreds of decomposed bodies have been found in Balochistan since early 2014. Most of them are beyond recognition and are buried without their identity being established.

It continued in September too. On September 2, a tortured body was found in Laddi Dasht area of district Mastung. The body was moved to hospital for autopsy but his identity could not be established.

On September 26, a decomposed body was found in Charda Chowk area of Panjgur. The body could not be identified till the time of filing this report.

On September 5, a decomposed body was recovered near a fisheries pond in Dera Murad Jamali. The deceased was moved to hospital and later identified as Muhammad Afzal. The body was later handed over to the family.

On September 10, the decomposed body of Agha Muhammad Ghulam Qambarzai was found dumped. He was a resident of Pad-Gayaban, district Chagai and was abducted and disappeared.

On September 19, the decomposed body of Ayaz Sardu was discovered from Menaz, Buleda, district Kech. He was abducted few days before by unknown persons.

On September 4, unknown armed men gunned down Jamshed Takkari in Hazarganji, district Quetta.

On September 10, the local death squad members killed two persons, Bahdad Shahdad and Jalal, residents of Lop e sar, Balgetar, district Kech.

On September 21, unknown armed persons opened fire and killed Hazah bugti and his wife where two children were badly injured in Sui, district Dera Bugti. On the same day, six persons including a woman were killed during an intelligence-based-operation by the security forces in Quetta. The IG of police said that they were militants Of ISIS but details of the persons and their involvement were not made public.

On September 5, unknown gunmen killed two persons in different areas of Balochistan. Muhammad Karim Gazgi was killed in Gazgi area of district Khuzdar and Sarwar Ahmad in Chaman, Balochistan.