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The boy who beat cancer killed by FC

Seventeen-year-old Imam Sher Muhammad was hit by two bullets in the leg when personnel of Frontier Corps opened fire on a vehicle on April 30 in the Aspi Kahn area of district Kech. He was taken by the FC to their checkpost where he remained on the floor without treatment for hours. He was later handed over to the local …

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Balochistan: 16 killed, 45 abducted in April as military raids increased

Amid the Covid-19 lockdown, Balochistan witnessed a surge in military raids with 16 killed and 45 abducted in April. As many as 73 people had been picked up by the Pakistani forces, including students, women, children, and infants, but 28 were later released. The whereabouts of the 45 remain unknown. A teenage boy Murad Jan was called in the military …

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Pakistani army abducts dozens, burns down villages in Kolwah Balochistan

Shawkat  Teláhó and Nur Hán Bashir, residents of Mádag village of district Kech, went to Kolwah and Dhandar to buy food for their families but did not return even after three days. They bought their ration from Kolwah and Dhandar, their former villages and left for their new village, Mádag on 15 April. Their new village is called Mádagay Kalát. …

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Balochistan: 10 disappeared, 8 killed in a week during pandemic lockdown

Despite the Pakistani government’s countless promises, enforced disappearances – the heinous practice by which state forces take someone in custody but deny doing so – is still not a crime in Pakistan. Thousands of disappeared, as well as their families, have yet to see justice. During the second week of April 2020, 10 civilians were abducted by security forces, 4 …

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Balochistan: Four students among 15 forcibly disappeared

The growing number of missing persons, extrajudicial killings, intimidations, illegal detentions, looting, unwarranted searches, physically assaulting and beating-up women during raids continued with impunity. Pakistani forces kept on violating all the rules of law brought into line with international human rights commitments; however, the past few months witnessed a huge surge in the number of torture cases during the raids …

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Balochistan: Enforced disappearances continue amid Corona crisis

Balochistan was swept with a sudden surge in COVID-19 cases during March. The global pandemic was helped spread in Balochistan by the incompetent handling of travelers entering Balochistan from Iran. Thousands of travelers were kept in narrowly erected tents in hot, filthy conditions in Taftan under the watch of Levies and the army. The Balochistan Government termed the measure as …

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Swedish authorities must act immediately to find missing Baloch journalist, Sajid Hussain. HRCB

The Human Right Council of Balochistan (HRCB) is deeply concerned about the safety and well-being of senior Baloch journalist and writer, Sajid Hussain, who mysteriously disappeared from Uppsala, Sweden on March 2, 2020. Mr Hussain was living in Stockholm and decided to shift to a private student accommodation in Uppsala on 2nd of March because of his work and studies. After reaching Uppsala, …

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