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Extra Judicial Killing: Dead body changed Identity on second day of its recovery

An unknown dead body was found in Absar Turbat, district Kech in the morning of 16th October, 2016. The body remained unknown for several hours and was later recognized as

Kill and dump News

College student killed in Besima Balochistan

19 years old college student Saddam was sitting near the grocery shop his father Abdul Aziz owns in Raghay, Besima, Districts Washuk Balochistan when a motorcycle came with two persons,

Kill and dump News

Dead body of abducted youth handed over in Balochistan

Abid Bangulzai s/o Fateh Khan Bangulzai was abducted from Lakkpas near Quetta, capital of Balochistan on 16th of July 2016 and his dead body was handed over to Civil Hospital

Kill and dump News

Custodial Killings unabated in Balochistan

Number of Custodial killings are rising higher day by day. Dead bodies of missing persons are being found on road sides. 17 dead bodies were found on road sides in

Kill and dump News

Kill and Dump rising in Balochisan

Mutiliated dead bodies are found every day on road sides in Balochistan. Most of them identified as previously abducted by Security forces of Pakistan. 89 persons were registered as killed