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Former missing person, Nazir Doda disappeared again

Nazir Doda who was released after remaining disappear for fourteen months in 2014 has been abducted once again, this time with brother Wali Mohammad and a relative, Tangai. They are residents of Maher Mand in Kech district, a village near the Iran-Pakistan border and birth place of Dilip Shikari, a top militant leader in Balochistan. Unlike his fellows, Shikari is …

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Extrajudicial killings: Traced cases of Balochistan

Summary In 2009, Pakistan state switched pace to what is known as the notorious Kill and Dump policy following years of enforced disappearances across Balochistan. It is estimated that more than 7,000 people were extrajudicially executed by Pakistan’s security forces since the year 2000. However, the actual number of cases is believed to be much higher than estimated given the …

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Balochi translation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

سَرلَبز انسانی کہولءِ درہیں مردمانءَ لہتیں پیدائشی حق ہست کہ پہ ہر کسءَ مُدام برابر اَنتءُ ہچ رنگءَ چہ کَسےءَ زِنَگ بوت نہ کننت، ہمے حق درہیں جہانءَ اِنصافءُ ایمنیءِ بُن ہِشتءُ مانزَمان اَنت۔ اے ہمے بُنیادی حقانی لگتمالیءُ نہ منّگءِ آسر اِنت کہ انسانءِ ارواہءَ وتی سر پہ سرکشّیءَ درآورتگءُ بے رحمیءُ رستریءَ جاگہ کُرتگ۔ اگاں ما نہ لوٹیں …

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The already weak education system under attack in Balochistan

1          Abbreviations   UN United Nations HRCB Human Rights Council of Balochistan UNESCO The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization NGO Non-Governmental Organization USA United States of America DELTA Dynamic English Language Teaching Academy GBPS Government Boys Primary School PhD Doctor of Philosophy CSS Central Superior Services PCS Provincial Civil Services   2          Background Education is one of the …

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