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Balochistan 2017: An Overview of Human Rights Situation

Forward: Pakistan is a signatory to many treaties and conventions that assign the state the responsibility of protecting the citizens of any illegal detention, torture, inhuman and degrading treatment. To


The already weak education system under attack in Balochistan

Background Education is one of the basic rights of human being. Education & literacy rates are considered the basic unit of human development. The same are also adopted internationally by


انسانی حقانی جہانی جارنامگ

یونیوَرسَل ڈیکلئیریشن آف ہیومن رائیٹس کہ 10 دسمبر 1948ءَ اقوامء متحدہءِ جنرل اسمبلیءَ منظور کتہءُ یو اینءِ درہیں باسکیں ملکاں مَنّ اِتہ۔   سَرلَبز انسانی کہولءِ درہیں مردمانءَ لہتیں پیدائشی

Baluchi Classified

DAZBANDI gón Balochistaná nishtagén mardumán

Balochistaná mardum sakk téziá chist kanag búwagá ant. Kasé kushag o chagal dyag búwagá int, kasé sálání sál azábí saggagá int. kasé zarr girag o yala dyag búwagá int. Dunyáe