Balochistan: Seven killed in five days; more than 20 abducted

Abductions and killings have become routine in Balochistan. Younger generation is growing up in terror and violence and the situation is making a new violence learned generation in Balochistan.

A single day does not pass without fresh blood shed of the locals. Most of these victims go unnoticed. The data we receive is hardly from 30% of the areas of Balochsitan while the other areas cannot be touched due to a lack of communication and we don’t have any access to the locals. That’s why we are unable to compile the reports.

Only in the first five days of this month we have received the details of more than 20 abductions and seven extra judicial killings.

On 1st of November 2016, security forces carried out a house to house search operation in Dasht, Turbat, district Kech and abducted dozens of civilians including Amir Bakhsh s/o Shay Muhammad, NabiBakhsh s/o Ali Muhammad and Muahhamd Jan s/o Mola Bakhsh.

On 2nd of November four dead bodies were brought to Gwadar Hospital, with a claim from the security forces that they were killed in a battle, but later on they were found among the persons who the security forces had abducted long before and were killed in their custody.

On 2nd of November, two Baloch civilians were abducted by security forces during a house to house search operation from Babarshur, Pasni, district Gwadar. Both persons were identified as 19 years old Dilbar s/o Dilpull and 17 years old Ataullah s/o Ghulam Hussain.

On 2nd of November, local death squad killed Allah Bakhsh s/o Raza Muhammad in Wadh, Khuzdar, Balochistan.

On 3rd of November security forces carried out a military operation in Nag, Kolwah, Balochistan and killed one person, Sepahan s/o Ibrahem, Resident of Balgetar, Balochistan. According to reports we have received he was a peaceful political activist.

On 4th of November, 15 persons were said to be abducted by security forces in Mir Hassan Village, District Nasirabad, Balochistan. Following are the names and parentage:

  1. Mehmood s/o Budda Bugti
  2. Manzoor s/o Band Ali Bugti
  3. Zilla s/o HaerdinBugti
  4. Hammed s/o Walan Bugti
  5. Usman s/o Kaleri Bugti
  6. Gamoo s/o Haivo Bugti
  7. Jalal s/o Haivo Bugti
  8. Ahmad Ali s/o Anari Bugti
  9. Muhammad Ali s/o AnariBugti
  10. Qabar s/o Lal Beg Bugti
  11. Arbas s/o Hasoo Bugti
  12. Rangi s/o Bacha Bugti
  13. HuzooraIman s/o Din Bugti
  14. Dildar s/o Sumael Bugti
  15. Biranjo s/o Swali Bugti

On 5th of November, security forces sieged Kallar, Awaran, Balochistan and fired rockets on the huts of local population. A Rocket fire caused the death of 26 years old Zahid Kachkol.

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