Balochistan: Nineteen abducted including fourteen of same village on CPEC route

According to the reports, on 23 April 2017, Pakistan’s security forces abducted Muhsin Musa from Negwari Ward District Gwadar.

On 17 April 2017, security forces attacked New town district Gwadar and abducted Babul Shay Mohammad Baksh resident of Koh-e-Murad Turbat district Kech.

On 21 April 2017, Frontier Corp, a paramilitary force started a massive military operation in Gichk, Solir and Tuba villages of district Panjgur and abducted fourteen civilians. Abductees are Babul Khuda Baksh, Noor Ahmed Abdul Rehman, Asif Noor Ahmed, Raza Mohammad Ismail, Naim Raza Mohammad, Elahi Bakhsh Ahmed, Ayoub Noor Ahmed, Nadim Raza Mohammad, Rahamdil Ayoub, Dad Kareem Ghwahram, Ashraf Lal Baksh, Laljan Pir Mohammad, Khairjan Noor Ahmed and Ayoub Ahmed from Solir area of district Panjgur.

On 20 April 2017, security forces started a military operation in Jan Mohammad Bazar, Dasht district Kech, Balochistan. Three civilians, Kifa Baitullah, Abdullah Murad Baksh and Shaho Sayad Mohammad were reportedly abducted in this military operation. Later on, Kifa and Abdullah were released after severe torture but Shaho is still in custody of security forces.

Families of the detainees are kept unaware of the charges, situation and whereabouts.

All the above mentioned areas fall on the road being constructed from Gwadar Balochistan to Kashgar China which is part of a Cino-Pak project called China Pakistan Economic Coridor or CPEC. Locals have shown their disagreement over the construction of this road.

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