Balochistan: house demolished, four civilians abducted by military

As per reports from Gedo area of Gichk district Panjgur, on 02 December 2017, one house was completely destroyed by Pakistani military bombardment.

As per local sources, a large number of military personnel still present in  Gichk and the area is still under military control.

The destroyed house belongs to Gul Muhammed. As per local sources there are reports of casualty as well.

As per another received report from Kalri area of  Gichk district Panjgur, on 03 December 2017, security forces conducted house to house search operation.

During the operation two civilians were abducted.
Both victim of disappearance are identified as: Muhammed Gul Wali Muhammed, professionally a medical doctor and Aslam Dost Mohammad resident of Kalri.

As per local sources, One another house of Haroon Rahmin was also raided in Kark-e-Dal area of Gichk district Panjgur, Balochistan.

As per received reports from Khuzdar district Khuzdar, on 03 December 2017, during a house to house search operation, two civilians were abducted by security forces.

The victims are identified as; Arshid Nothani student of BSC, resident of Baghban district Khuzdar and Riyaz Mohammad s/o Khan Mohammad resident of Guzargi district Khuzdar.

As per local sources, during all the house to house search operations, the women and children were beaten up and the valuable household items were looted by security forces.

All the four victims whereabouts are still unknown to their families.

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