Balochistan: Film Maker abducted again, house of singer burned down

Waleed Nasir

According to the reports, on 27 April 2017, Pakistani security forces abducted a Balochi film maker and film actor, Waleed Nasir a resident of Goburd area of Mand from a hotel in Lea Market Karachi, Sindh.

Waleed was returning from Qatar to visit his family in Balochistan and was staying in a hotel in Karachi, as Karachi has the only accessible international airport for people of Balochistan.

Waleed Nasir is a 34 years old poet, independent film maker and actor. This is his second abduction. He was once abducted on 15 October 2016 along with thirteen others during a military operation in Goburd village of Mand, district Kech Balochistan and was released later on.

Ahmed Murad was one of the abductees of October 15, who was released with the others. He was shot dead on November 20, 2016 after his release, by a Militant Group. Nationalist often blame the State for sponsoring militant groups against them, calling them ‘State Sponsored Death Squads’. However, the Government has denied the allegations.

On 26 April 2017, security forces attacked the house of a famous Balochi singer and musician, Minhaj Mukhtar. All the valuables of the house were looted, according to reports and the house was set ablaze. He belongs to kunshkalat area of Tump district Kech, Balochistan and sings songs to praise his land, history and culture heritage.

He sang many songs to encourage living in a time when people are losing hope, witnessing their lovely ones being abducted and killed.

Minhaj Mukhtar’s Latest Song

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