Balochistan: Father killed by security forces for resisting son’s abduction

76 years old Bahot (Báhót) was a shopkeeper. He used to sit in his small grocery store in Kallag Kulanch area of Pasni, district Gwadar Balochistan.


On 25th of April 2017, security forces launched a house-to-house search operation in the village. They entered in the house of Mr. Bahot and took his son, Majeed, as security forces usually do in the operations, according to reports from Balochistan.

Bahot requested security forces not to take his son. One reason is most of the abducted youths are later found dead in Balochistan, reports of Human Rights Watch and other organizations had said.

By Bahot’s constant plead and resisting his son’s abduction he was shot by a security personnel and died on the spot.


Forces blind folded Majeed and abducted him, whose fate is not yet known.


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