Balochistan: 69 including four students abducted in seven days

On 30th of September, a news emerged in Social media and then was confirmed that 16 years old Majid Rasheed was picked up by Pakistani security forces at Azian check post in Mand, District Kech. He was traveling back after having a football match between his team and another club from Mand to Gomazi, Tump, district Kech along with his friends. Their vehicle was stopped at Azian check post for almost an hour. Finally the security forces took Majid with them leaving the others behind.

Majid is a 16 years old student of grade 9th in High School Gomazi, Tump of District Kech. His
father, Mr. Rasheed is a farmer.  He earns too much less than his family, his wife, four sons and one daughter needs for their subsistence.

The Next day, on 1st of October 2016, security forces raided Gatti-Dór area of
Gwadar in Balochistan and picked up five persons. All five were residents of Kumbel Dasht, District Kech. Later on two of them were released and three are still in the custody of security forces.

Three abductees were identified as Naeem s/o Ayoub, Azum s/o Abdul Rahman and Naeem s/o Ashraf. All three are students aging between 18 and 19.

Baloch Human Rights Organization, a Human Rights group working inside Balochistan issued their monthly press briefing for the month of September. According to BHRO, some 300 persons have been abducted by security forces in the month of September, 2016 while more than a hundred are killed. Most of the killings are Custodial killings and fake encounters.

HRCB has received reports of 69 cases of Enforced disappearances in past seven days in Balochistan.

Statistics show a high acceleration of enforced disappearances and extra judicial killings in from mid-August and September 2016.

However the Human Rights organizations and NGO’s had been issuing reports on appalling Human Rights situation in Balochistan but no NGO or Media has been able to visit Balochistan yet. On the other hand, people of Balochistan are left helpless.


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