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Balochistan: 59 forcibly disappeared, 40 killed in April 2019

In the month of April, fifty-nine persons were forcibly disappeared by security forces from Awaran, Kech, Gwadar, Lasbela, Panjgur districts of Balochistan. Forty people were killed in April including victims of Hazar Ganji bomb blast which left twenty dead and 48 wounded.

Majority of
the districts in Balochistan remained inaccessible.

and enforced disappearance of women and children continued in the same pace. On 30 April,
security forces raided Shehaq Bugti’s house in Rabi, Naseerabad and abducted five
women and 4 children. The victims were later identified as Dhando Ratta Bugti,
Shozan Shehak Bugti, Bujari Bibi Shehak, Pati Karim Bugti, Jamil Karim, 6 years
old Batte Khan Shehak Bugti, Zargul Shehak, 3 years old Amina Bibi Shehak and
Noor Banuk Shehak.

On 1st
April, security forces raided several houses in Tijaban, Singabad district Kech
and abducted nine civilians. Abductees were identified as, Musa Bujer, Rafiq
Ahmed, Trongal Zabad, Amir Bakhsh Zabad, Wahag Musa, Gulab Musa, Patan Musa,
Bahot Mia and Faiz Mohammad Nawab. Rest of the abductees were later released by
the forces, except Rafiq Ahmed and Ameer Bakhsh Zabad. Their fates and
whereabouts remain unknown to this day.

On 5
April, security forces started a house-to-house search operation in Kohad area
of district Kech and abducted seven persons, Haibthan Abdi, Niaz Qadir Dad,
Rashid Dilmurad, Mehran Rasool Bakhsh, Izzat Khursheed, Hameed Shahdad and

In another incident on 06 April, a fourteen years old boy, Samir Nasrullah Notezai was abducted by unknown armed persons, driving a Vigo car, from Faisal Colony, Dalbandin. On the other hand, Pakistani security forces and personnel of intelligence agency whisked away Asfandyar s/o Abdul Karim from Nushki, Balochistan on the same day.

On 18 April, security forces raided the house of Dilmurad Dur Mohammad in Rais Goth, Karachi and forcibly disappeared his three sons, Hanif, Hafiz and Hamid. On the same night forces raided the house of Mohammad Ayoub in Hub Chowki and whisked away his sons, Parvez Jumma, Zakir, Altaf and Bahadur. Their whereabouts are still unknown. All of the abductees are residents of Awaran, Balochistan and migrated from Awaran few years ago  because of the ongoing military offences in the area.

25 April, forces abducted seven civilians from Tank area of Mashkay district
Awaran during a military operation. The victims were identified as Bahram Ali
Jan, Gulab Mohammad Omar, Naseer Khan Mohammad, Musharraf Naseer, Khan Bagi, Gulab
Sohrab and Rustom.

mutilated bodies were found in different areas of Balochistan during the month
of April. two women were killed in honor killing, twelve persons were killed in
target killing and encounter between armed forces and separatist groups, one case
of extra-judicial killing. 20 civilians lost their lives in a bomb attack on
Hazara community in Quetta, Balochistan on April 12. ISIS claimed
responsibility of the bomb attack.

On April 25,
Hazoor Jatt’s bullet riddled body was found dumped. He was arrested by security
forces on April 22 from Notal, district Naseerabad.

extra judicial killings have been going on in Balochistan since early 2000’s,
when the central government started to suppress the voice of indigenous people
of Balochistan on rights on their land and resources. Thousands have gone
missing since then, hundreds of missing persons were found dead later.