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Seven abducted by military in Balochistan

Security forces abducted seven civilians from different areas of Balochistan. According to details, Early morning of 11th December 2017, Pakistani army surrounded Nizarabad village of Tump district Kech, Balochistan and


Balochistan: house demolished, four civilians abducted by military

As per reports from Gedo area of Gichk district Panjgur, on 02 December 2017, one house was completely destroyed by Pakistani military bombardment. As per local sources, a large number

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The already weak education system under attack in Balochistan

Background Education is one of the basic rights of human being. Education & literacy rates are considered the basic unit of human development. The same are also adopted internationally by


انسانی حقانی جہانی جارنامگ

یونیوَرسَل ڈیکلئیریشن آف ہیومن رائیٹس کہ 10 دسمبر 1948ءَ اقوامء متحدہءِ جنرل اسمبلیءَ منظور کتہءُ یو اینءِ درہیں باسکیں ملکاں مَنّ اِتہ۔   سَرلَبز انسانی کہولءِ درہیں مردمانءَ لہتیں پیدائشی


Balochistan: Military abduct many including women and children

Another sister of Dr. Allah Nizar abducted by Pakistani security forces on 08 December 2017. Sher Khatoon, sister of a prominent Baloch nationalist leader Dr. Allah Nizar, along with her


Military killed, abducted ladies and many others in Balochistan

Dozens of family members of a Baloch nationalist leader Dr. Allah Nizar have been abducted during military operations in Mashkay district Awaran. Dr. Nizar is believed to be the head of


11 years old Ulfat missing since October, eyewitness say

Eleven years old Ulfat Altaf is a resident of Gwarjakk village of Mashkay, district Awaran Balochistan. His house in Gwarjakk was raided on 21 April 2015 and his four uncles,


Military abduct eleven civilians from Balochistan

On 26th November 2017, Abdul Karim Wali Dad, a local taxi driver and the only son of his parents, resident of Jamk area of Kashap district Kech was severely beaten


Balochistan: 14 abducted including father and two sons

Continuous military operations have resulted in a number of serious human rights violation. Torturing women and children, looting valuables of the locals and enforced disappearances are consistently being reported. Last


Eight, including two men with sons abducted by military in Balochistan

  Eight more cases of enforced disappearances have been noticed from district Kech, Balochistan. According to details, on 19 November 2017, Pakistani security forces raided a house in Malikabad area