75 years old farmer abducted along with three sons

On Thursday morning, security forces raided the Jhakro village of District Awaran, Balochistan. Raid continued for hours. It was confirmed earlier that security forces abducted a 76 years old shepherd, Jumma Sabzal.

In the same raid, locals confirmed later, the abduction of 75 years old farmer Allah Bakhsh Jangoo along with three of his sons, Haji Abdullah Allah Bakhsh 50, Neksal Allah Bakhsh 45 and Barfi Allah Bakhsh 37.

Since a long time Awaran District of Balochistan is under heavy search operations of Pakistan’s Military, in which sometimes Gun ship helicopters are reportedly used for shelling in the mountainous areas.

HRCB is receiving information of military raids in the region almost on daily basis. Two days back on 12th of July 2016, Twenty One persons were reportedly abducted by the security forces in Zumdan area of District Awaran, while Rasheed Daru, another person was abducted in a raid in Bazdad, Awaran on 12th of July 2016.




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