21 of same village abducted by security forces

Zumdan village in Pirandar area of Awaran District which consists of almost less than a hundred small huts and mud houses, was surrounded by Security forces on Tuesday 12th of July 2016.
Akbar Ghulam Hussain-Azum Taj Mohd
Forces searched each and every house, reportedly beaten up the ladies and children and took all the men available in any house. 

Here is the list of persons who were abducted during this raid:



  1. Wazir Mahmjan
  2. Akbar Ghulam Hussain
  3. Miran Shafi Muhammad
  4. Hashum Nawab
  5. Abid Zarin
  6. Nazir Bakhtyar
  7. Imam Bakhsh Qadir Bakhsh
  8. Taj Muhammad Asa
  9. Azum Taj Muhammad
  10. Tariq Mola Bakhsh
  11. Shoeb Mola Bakhsh
  12. Zafeer Wahid Bakhsh
  13. Munir Jummal
  14. Arif Gul Muhammad
  15. Sudir Doda
  16. Muhim Sher Mohammad
  17. Munir Qadir Bakhsh
  18. Dogo Rasheed
  19. Azum Gul Mohammad
  20. Ghulam Mohammad Karim
  21. Bahar Khuda Bakhsh

While on day before (11th of July), three persons were reportedly abducted from Balicha village of Tump, District Turbat. Those abducted in Balicha Turbat, are;

  1. Waji Usman Gul Mohammad
  2. Yasir Jan Mohammad
  3. Ghani Qadir Bakhsh

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