House of political worker under siege of security forces for the third day in Balochistan

3 months old Darwar Baloch, hostage in the house where supply is disconnected for last three days
three years old Gulsor Baloch, a hostage at the house

A house in Doctor’s Colony Turbat Balochistan is under a heavy military siege since 16:00 Pakistan time, 6th of September 2016. Siege remained continued for the next two days, till now. No one can go in or come out of the house. All the cell phones of the besieged ones are with security forces. No one can contact them on the personal phones anybody of the family has.

There are eight hostages in the house. A retired Education Officer of Health Department. Rest are 4 ladies and three kids, who are respectively 55, 22, 18, 14, 12 and 3 years old while there is an infant who is Three months old now.

Almost 55 years old Cardiac Patient, Han Bibi and her daughters are too much busy in cooking soldiers of the sieging force. “They (mother and daughters) don’t know about the rest of complications. But they have to feed them (the soldiers)”, said Hafiz Rauf, the exiled poet, son of the family who is living in Middle East now a days.

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Security forces seize Balochi books in a raid on a bookshop in Balochistan

On 6th of September 2016, the Security Forces raided ‘Pak News Agency’, the most popular bookstall on the main road Turbat, in the hometown of ex-Chief Minister Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch.

They checked all the shelves, drawers, and warehouses and took all the books written in Balochi Language away with them.

The printed record of Balochi language is very limited. It contains mainly creative literature. One can find almost nothing if one tries to find any material except the poetry and short stories, and of course a few short novels and literary criticism.

‘Pak News Agency’ had been a popular book shop not only for the Turbat city but all the Mekran Division. It’s one of the oldest bookstalls. It has a record of availability of all the Islamic books, be it translated Quran and Hadeeth or the materials to promote Islam.

It should be noted that teachers, Students, Writers, Intellectuals and Educationists have been the most common target of security forces for almost a decade in Balochistan. There are hundreds of cases of Enforced Disappearances in every month, and the highest number is that of the educated youth.

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